Q1. What kind of products are you launching?

 Ans.: We are launching Baby & Beauty Care Products for children & women. Within this range we have products like  Ginni CUDDLES and Ginni CLEA. Ginni CUDDLES are the 3 in 1 Baby cleaning wipes, whereas Ginni CLEA are the wet wipes for removing all types of make-up even the water proof ones. We have more more products in the beauty care category Like Cosset that is ready to use face mask, Magicia is exfoliating cleansing cloths, Vigo is cleansing and calming wipes and Swipe is the Bacteria free home cleaning wipes.

Q2. What is so unique about these products?

Ans.: Our personal hygiene & beauty care wipes are highly innovative & “first of its kind” in India. These wipes are made from revolutionary Non-Woven Spunlace Fabric. Spunlace has unique qualities like softness, water absorption, drapeability and close similarity to cloth. These qualities have earned spunlace material the most preferred spot in numerous end use markets including wipes, beauty care & medical bandages.

Q3. How they are different from similar products available in the market?

Ans.: The products available in the market are made of paper and our wipes made of spunlace are far more superior to paper tissues. According to data available, the water absorption capacity of spunlace is almost double than a cloth, which makes them more useful especially for Indian climatic conditions.

We are confident that our spunlace baby care & beauty care wipes will set new standards & benchmark of innovation, quality & performance in the personal hygiene & beauty care market.

Q4. Will you import these products or produce in India?

Ans.: We will manufacture these products in India.

Q5. From where you will source spunlace for your projects?

Ans.: We are setting up India’s first non-woven spunlace project in Gujarat with an investment of Rs.131 crores, which will be operational in four to five months.  Major part of the production from this facility will be exported, while the balance would be used to manufacture converted products to be sold in the domestic market.

Q6. What kind of potential exists for these wipes in the Indian market or have you done some kind of market survey before launching these products?

Ans.: Before launching these products, the leading research agency KSA TECHNOPAK conducted market survey for us & discovered that there is a huge untapped potential for wipes in India. Spunlace converted products like baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, cleansing cloths, medical aids like gauges & swabs are a big & growing market world over. The unique qualities of spunlace have made these products one of the fastest growing segment in the skin care market, while in India this still has to take-off as a concept and we are sure that the concept in itself is so strong that it will definitely find a huge market in India.


Q7. What made you enter this market?

Ans.: Since we are setting up India’s first spunlace project, so we decided to take the first mover advantage in the converted products category as well and it is also the logical extension of our value chain.


Q8. Do you plan to launch more spunlace products in the future and what will so special about those products?

Ans.: We shall be continously expanding our product basket and our target is to take it to 12 products by the end of 2006. Anti-Wrinkle Mask, Whitening Mask, Eye Pad,  Medical Gauges & Swabs are next in the pipeline. All our products are aimed at ensuring hygiene & beauty care with convenience.


Q9. What are your sales or market share targets?

Ans.: The company through its newly set up consumer products division aims to be a major player in the wipes business. Our target is to garner atleast 50% share in the wipes market, which is expcted to grow from Rs. 30 crores at present to Rs. 100  crores in the next 3 years.  Our targeted turnover is Rs. 50 crores by the end of third year.


Q10. Will Ginni Filament only market these products?

Ans.: To steer our foray into spunlace wipes, we at Ginni Filaments have set up a separate consumer products division, which will be headed by Mr. Shishir Jaipuria’s son Mr. Saket Jaipuria.


Q11.Why have you started your roll out from Chandigarh?

Ans.: We started our roll-out from Chandigarh because during the market research by KSA TECHNOPAK, we found that after Delhi, Chandigarh is the biggest market for cosmetics in North India.  The young people here are quite open to trying out new things, when it comes to look & feel good. With the launch of these products we are bringing international trends to the Indian market and I am sure that Ginni will successfully create a new segment in the personal hygiene & beauty care market of chandigarh. Initially, our products will be available at all the leading outlets in Chandigarh.  But in the due course of time we shall be expanding our product range & presence as well.


Q12. Since it’s a new concept in the Indian market, how do you intend to popularize it?

Ans.: The advantage, which we enjoy with our innovative range of products, is that we shall not be competing with any product in the market as we are entering a virgin territory, but the uphill task of creating & expanding this market also lies with us.


The launch will be supplemented by highly aggressive & innovative advertising & promotional campaigns. All the campaigns will be aimed at creating awareness about the product range, their USPs & the advantages of spunlace technology in particular. The company will concentrate heavily on consumer education & awareness through direct consumer programmes and below the line promotional activities.


Q13. After Chandigarh, where & when will you launch your products?

Ans.: After the launch in Chandigarh, we will be targeting major metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Kolkata. By the end of July, we will be present in all the metros and by December, 2006 our products will be available in top 30 cities across the country.




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